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Mini Ninjas is an instructor-led class specifically designed for kids aged 4-5.

This class will let them enjoy the gym and smaller ground-based obstacles in a safely supervised and fun environment.

The design of the class is to be dynamic with unique, fun, creative age-specific obstacles each week. 

Mini Ninjas is curriculum free focuses primarily on “Intentional Movement”.  The age group targeted with the mini ninja class is just beginning to understand intentional movement and our goal is to teach kids to embrace and excel at it through ninja. Intentional movement is a major precursor to athleticism and we look to develop this skill in younger ninjas benefiting them both athletically and mentally.

Classes will include but are not limited to cardio, balance, functional movements and obstacle course challenges such as (rope climb, monkey/Trapeze bars, rock wall, warped wall, and low hanging rings)

Mini ninja Main Objectives –

1.    Learn to listen to their coaches cues
2.    Create their own intentional movement
3.    Shows confidence in themselves 
4.    Show confidence in their equipment.
5.    Introduction to problem solving through ninja.

Contact us to enroll - $60 a month -


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